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Salkehatchie Summer Service
Huntersville Camp 2012
Photo Gallery


This is the Photo Gallery Page for the 2012 Huntersville Camp

On this page you can select the photos you would like to see from our Photo Gallery for this camp. You can choose the types of photos you want to see based on your choice of selection criteria. Many photos are taken over the course of the camp. You can look at photos that were taken a certain day of the camp or at a certain venue such as a particular home site or in the camp itself. You can even do a search on keywords (if you have a userid or password). As an example you can look for all photos taken on Monday July 21st, at the Moultry House. If you type in the keyword "Cody" you'd get a list of pictures of Cody taken on Monday July 21st at the Moultry House. The default options are "SHOW ALL DAYS" and "SHOW ALL VENUES" whether they are selected or not.

NOTE: Click on any picture and a larger version of the picture will will appear!

Number of Photos in the Gallery: 671

List of Dates

List of Venues